LNC Data Dental it expert in SanFrancisco bay area

Digital integration






We are ready to help with any practice management and digital radiography for your office. Getting a new system, new dental software, migrate from software to new we can help.

Patient Education






We have created a comprehensive and easy to understand patient education library which will assist you and your staff in explaining a wide range of dental procedures.









DentForms software is the most complete “paperless office” package on the market today.


Network design







We can help wire your entire office with a proper cable like Cat 6 or Cat 6A. Remove old switches that can clog your network and take advantage for the full speed of it.

Hardware support







Lnc Data also specializes in hardware support by offering top-notch solutions to the clients. The experts have a lot of idea about the hardware related issues, therefore they are able to track them

Remote support







Our Remote support system diagnoses and provides a prompt solution to your computer over the internet within seconds, and our technical support for both Windows and Mac are of high quality.


Cloud backup







In less then 3 minutes you can be backing up your critical data, and the “set it and forget it” nature will make your backup one less thing to worry about.


Phone service


Weave–The innovative system thousands of practices use to meet their patient’s needs, keep their schedules flowing and grow their practice’s revenue. Click here and request a demo.